The Enterprise provides

  • Repair of diesel engines of various types and any level of complexity (including capital and regenerative repairs) and the fuel equipment to them;
  • Repair of pumps, separators, coolers, gear box;
  • Complete overhaul of steam and water boilers; 
  • Repair of deadwood devices, shafts, screws adjustable  and the fixed step of all types;
  • Repair of the process equipment of fishery vessels;
  • Repair of an electric equipment of vessels: electric motors, generators, the main switchboards, illumination, the signal system;
  • Repair and adjustment of ship automatics;
  • Repair of deck mechanisms;
  • Repair of ship systems and armatures;
  • Ship projecting;
  •  Any kinds of hull works, repair of water-proof doors, hatches

During repair of vessels the company is ready to solve questions in passing arising at the Customer: preparation of vessel for statement in repair, the decision of customs formalities , delivery of a necessary spare parts, accessories, mechanisms and devices, the recommendation at the choice of the agent.

In some cases, on the repaired mechanisms, devices, designs the enterprise gives guarantees of 6 months.