Tosmare Shipyard

Tosmare Shipyard was founded in 1900 initially as ship-repair workshops of military port of Libau (Liepaja) and is one of the oldest shipyards in the region of the Baltic Sea. It has been one of the main repair bases for the Navy fleet at the Baltic Sea for many years.
Our Shipyard has wide experience in repairs of the various types of vessels.

Liepaja is nonfreezing port situated on the western coast of the Baltic Sea, having
very favourable geographical arrangement.  It is close to the Western Europe and has
the advanced transportation network.

Tosmare Shipyard provides a wide range of ship repair works in two dry docks, one floating dock, and also on their repair berths properly equipped with necessary facilities such as electricity, fresh water, gas oxygen, compressed air and cranes.

Tosmare Shipyard performs the building of new vessels starting from small fishing trawlers up to big cargo vessels.   Our design department performs projecting and elaboration of the required classification documentation, development of the working documen- tation as well as technical maintenance and support. The company is focused not only on building of steel hulls but also on delivery of fully equipped and outfitted vessels including navigation and communication facilities, installation of different electrical equipment, piping and cable works.