Unimars (Universal Marine Service) was established in August 1994. Today we carrying out a complex maintenance of ships, which call at the Baltic Sea ports located in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Poland.


The company offers the following services:

  • Ship supply: technical, provisions, bonds, catering services
  • A package of services related to the delivery of navigational charts and publications, incl. correction and tracking collections
  • Service safety rescue and fir fighting equipment
  • Maintenance, designing and installation of radio navigational equipment
  • Various types of ship repairs

Our mission is to be unique, providing our clients with the capability of receiving a full package of sea services in the Baltic Sea area and beyond. We establish new standards of the highest quality which prevail due to individual approach, professionalism and introduction of advanced technologies.

The team of professionals working at Unimars can be safely characterized as “being on a first-name basis with the sea”, i.e. they are fully aware of the nautical “cook book”. Thus, further developing our business, the managers of all levels are perfectly aware of : exactly what services, what level and quality their clients (ship owners, ship operators, captains, sailors and many others) expect.

The principles of Unimars Group activity are based on four values:

Specialists within the companies which are part of Unimars Group are fully aware of the specifics and subtleties of nautics. The competency, knowledge and experience of our staff allow us to dynamically extend our list of customers who are eager to commence and continue working with us.

Cooperation in an atmosphere of good will
We serve our clients in a way like we would like to be served. A personal approach and attention to detail, when contacting the client are completely natural things for us. We say “It should always be like this!”.

Considerate attitude towards staff
In our business, the notion “The staff decide everything!” is extremely important. We value our employees, take care of them and take a personal interest to everyone – whether they be a manager or a sailor. In short, whilst not forgetting about being in business, we behave humanly.

We are responsible to our customers and partners – for the quality of services provided and for our liabilities. We are responsible for the results of our activity to our employees and shareholders. And, finally, we are responsible to the countries on which markets we operate, meaning the strictest observation of valid laws.