Easy Laser

Easy-Laser® products offer precision alignment and measurement systems. Applications for shaft alignment and sheave/pulley alignment to geometrical measurements of virtually every kind.

All systems are easy to learn thanks to the intuitive operation and intelligent design.

All together this makes the Easy-Laser® systems easy to own.

The Easy-Laser® product range includes systems for Shaft Alignment, Sheave/Pulley Alignment, Geometrical Measurement and Vibration Measurement. 

With Easy-Laser® Alignment systems you help reduce wear and tear on for example couplings, seals and bearings. You also minimize energy consumption, reduce vibration and noise. All together resulting in substantial savings thanks to lower maintenance and operating costs. This means that the investment in an Easy-Laser® Measurement and Alignment system has a very quick return-on-investment (ROI). 

Easy-Laser® is developed by Damalini, AB in Gothenburg, Sweden. Damalini has more than twenty years of experience within the field of measurement and alignment in virtually every industry. This experience goes into every Easy-Laser® making the products simple to operate even in the most demanding applications.