On-site machining

Metalock performs restoration of the bed frames of marine engines with the damaged main bearing pockets.

The ON-SITE MACHINING technology allows to restore main bearing pockets of the hanging crankshafts, which are situated in the cylinder block of the engine. The technology process is approved by the Register of Shipping.

The METALOCK – MASTERLOCK process is used to repair cracks and restore missing elements of bed frames. The restoration of the bed frames is carried out under the supervision of the representatives of the Classification Society of the RS.

The main aim is prompt and highly accurate on-site machining. The efficiency and high levels of repair works exclude any time delay.


  • Machining of crankshaft crankpins without engine disassembly
  • Line-boring (compressors, turbines, diesel engines)
  • Restoration of the key grooves
  • Grinding of flanges of different sizes
  • Different milling works
  • Drilling and perforation of holes
  • Restoration of holes for normal use by threaded inserts