drillThe Metalock Process is a repair system based on fundamental engineering principles, an emergency service on offer throughout the marine & industrial world.

Metalock continue to develop new and stronger materials that are only supplied to M.I.A. members.
The Metalock repair process is used successfully and recognised by the Classification Societies.
Used extensively in the marine industry, rail and other transportation, industrial and power plants etc., and heritage structures.
This unique Metalock process originated in the oil fields of Texas in the 1930s and is now recognised and used throughout the world.

  • Repairs to cast iron, steel, aluminium and other alloys.
  • Many repairs can be carried out onsite, with usually a very great saving in time and dismantling.
  • Maintains alignment and original surfaces with little or no machining or re-machining required.
  • Dampens and absorbs compression stresses and spreads the tensile strains.
  • Distributes the load away from fatigue points.
  • The repair being completely cold does not require the application of heat which often introduces fresh stresses.
  • A pressure tight seal can be achieved due to the interlocking between Metalock keys and studding.

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  1. • Restoration by Metalock technology
    The METALOCK method is insertion of the METALOCK keys in the holes drilled by the special Jigs across the line of fracture. The multi-dumbell keys allow the damaged constructions to restore their primary form and hermiticity. Continue reading
  2. • On-site machining
    The ON-SITE MACHINING technology allows to restore main bearing pockets of the hanging crankshafts, which are situated in the cylinder block of the engine. The technology process is approved by the Register of Shipping. Continue reading
  3. • Repair of combustion engines
    METALOCK repairs industrial and ships’ combustion engines Continue reading